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David A. Grant, photographer, has been photographing Austin for more than 15 years. Previously part of the Guerrero Photographic Group, and then the Grant in Grant-Guerrero Photography, David is now a freelance corporate and portrait photographer, specializing in professional headshots and portraiture, as well as architectural and commercial photography.

David Grant has a Master of Arts degree in photography from the University of Texas at Austin, and brings extensive knowledge of black-and-white techniques and studio portraiture, as well as graphic design and album design David very much enjoys creating photo books, such as books about vacations, families and celebrations. The books he creates are hardcover, press-printed books that look like a fine coffee-table book with a glossy cover and slick, sturdy pages. Please feel free to ask about book design if you are interested.

Are you interested in purchasing your wedding or portrait negatives from us? Please contact us if you are. Your negatives are the valuable record of your wedding, your family and your friends, and by purchasing them from us, you can keep them safely for future use and for generations to come.

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