The Singles: 1969-1981 (2000)

1. For All We Know (1991 remix)
2. I Believe You
3. It's Going to Take Some Time (1991 remix)
4. We've Only Just Begun (1991 remix)
5. Those Good Old Dreams
6. Superstar (1991 remix)
7. Rainy Days and Mondays (1991 remix)
8. Goodbye to Love (1991 remix)
9. All You Get from Love is a Love Song
10. Top of the World (1973 version, 1991 remix)
11. Only Yesterday (1991 remix)
12. Ticket to Ride (1973 version)
13. Hurting Each Other (1991 remix)
14. Yesterday Once More (1991 remix)
15. Sing (1994 remix)
16. Touch Me When We're Dancing
17. Please Mr. Postman (1991 remix)
18. I Need to Be In Love (1991 remix)
19. I Won't Last a Day Without You (1991 remix with 2000 outro)
20. (They Long to Be) Close to You (1991 remix)
21. For All We Know - Reprise

This is the U.S. version of the cover. The cover above was used for the rest of the world.

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This CD is Richard's attempt to create the definitive "hits" CD, using the concept of the Singles: 1969-1973 album as the basis. In my opinion, however, it falls a little short.

It does contain all twelve songs from the first Singles album, which is a good thing, a few songs from the second Singles album, and some of the better-selling singles from after 1978 -- I have no objection to the material included here. I am just disappointed that more wasn't done with the album.

The original Singles album opens with an amazing overture, and I was expecting a new overture on this album, leading in to "For All We Know." Richard had also recorded new segues for the original album (like the "Superstar" "Rainy Days" and "Goodbye to Love" connections), and I was hoping for a number of those here. However, there is no new intro on this album, nor was there much else done to join the songs together.

We did get one segue here, though, and it is absolutely incredible! "I Won't Last a Day Without You" is followed by a solo piano rendition of the melody, which modulates into a different key and leads to the introduction for "Close to You." It is a definite "chill factor" moment, and the fact that Richard saved it for the end of the album makes it all that much more touching when you finally get to it.

The one thing that makes the album a really big deal for collectors is the new song -- the "For All We You - Reprise." This is a short reprise of the song, taken from the television special London Bridge Special in 1972. This arrangement was done by Marvin Hamlisch, and though only 46 seconds long, is a very nice way to end the album. Be prepared, though; this short audio clip is rather low-fi, having been taken from a 1970s television show, and it doesn't match up to the superior quality of the sound on the rest of the tracks.

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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