35th Anniversary Collector's Edition Box Set (2003)

This is a box set containing 13 Carpenters albums:

Close to You
A Song for You
Now and Then
A Kind of Hush
Made in America
Voice of the Heart
Christmas Portrait
An Old-Fashioned Christmas

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Japanese CD release

This limited-edition box set, released only in Japan, contains all 13 of the Carpenters' studio albums released between 1969 and 1989.

Each CD comes in a miniature reproduction of the original cardboard LP sleeve, and contains reproductions of the original inner sleeves and record labels. The first album, Offering, will have its original cover, not the later Ticket to Ride cover. Now and Then has the complete tri-fold cover, and Passage has the gatefold cover. It's a nifty-looking package!

This set is similar to the 30th anniversary box set from 1999, but it adds both the Christmas albums (the 30th anniversary set only had 11 CDs). This box also contains a small black scarf with the "Carpenters" logo, and a very thick book containing complete track listings, a new introduction by Richard Carpenter, new notes on each album by Richard Carpenter, notes in Japanese, complete lyrics in English and Japanese, and photos of some of the tape boxes from the original multi-track master tapes.

Each of the CDs in this box is the "remastered classics" version of the album, meaning that all songs are presented in their original vinyl mixes. The one exception to that is Christmas Portrait, which is the remixed version included as part of the Christmas Collection in 1996. Of note, however, is the fact that the remastered Japanese CDs sound noticably better than their American counterparts, so this is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any Carpenters fan.

For all Carpenters fans, this set is definitely worth the money. The authentic reproductions of the original album covers and the book with notes by Richard Carpenter make this the best collection of Carpenters' original studio material ever.

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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