Live at Budokan 1974 (1996)

Side 1:
1. Prologue
2. Sound Check
3. Opening Medley:
Rainy Days and Mondays
Goodbye to Love
4. Top of the World
5. Help
6. Mr. Guder
7. (They Long to Be) Close to You
8. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

Side 2:
1. Yesterday Once More
2. Oldies Medley:
Little Honda
The End of the World
Da Doo Ron Ron
Leader of the Pack
Johnny Angel
Book of Love
Johnny B. Goode
3. Sing
4. Sometimes
5. We've Only Just Begun
6. For All We Know
7. Credits

Japanese video, LaserDisc and DVD release

This is an item unique to Japan -- a complete concert video! And, while it may look the same as the album Live in Japan, it is not the same concert, although it was filmed during the same concert tour.

The reason it was not released worldwide is that there are Japanese subtitles on the screen throughout the concert. The master tape of the concert without the subtitles apparantly no longer exists, so they had to use this broadcast master as the source video.

This is an extremely important document in the history of the Carpenters' career, so it is well worth seeking out!

The DVD version of this is identical to the LaserDisc -- no bonus material at all. It is a region 2 DVD, so it will not play on DVD players outside Japan unless you have a multi-region DVD player.

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