By Request (2000)

1. Yesterday Once More (1991 remix)
2. Road Ode (1990 remix)
3. I Need to Be In Love (1991 remix)
4. Mr. Guder (1990 remix)
5. You
6. One Love (1994 remix)
7. Can't Smile Without You (alternate version, 1997 remix)
8. Happy
9. We've Only Just Begun (1985 remix)
10. Superstar
11. Rainy Days and Mondays (1991 remix)
12. Top of the World (1973 version, 1991 remix)
13. (They Long to Be) Close to You (1991 remix)
14. Let Me Be the One
15. I Can't Make Music
16. Sing (1994 remix)
17. Only Yesterday
18. Ticket to Ride (1973 version)
19. Sometimes
20. Look to Your Dreams

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Japanese CD release

This CD is an odd assortment of songs, apparently put together by taking requests from Japanese fans as to which songs they would like to see on a new compilation. It has about an equal number of singles and non-single album tracks.

There is little new on this collection; the remixes of "Mr. Guder" and "One Love" had not turned up on any previous general release, however, and the remix of "Road Ode" is quite rare. Strangely, some songs for which remixes have been done, like "Superstar," are presented in their original mixes.

The liner notes are extensive, but almost entirely in Japanese, so I don't know exactly what they say. I believe most of the Japanese is just a printing of the "requests" from many different fans.

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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