Chronicles: Three Classic Albums (2005)

This 3-CD set contains three complete albums:
Close to You (1970)
Carpenters (1971)
A Song for You (1972)

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This is a 3-CD box set, containing three complete original albums: Close to You, Carpenters and A Song for You.

These are the "Remastered Classics" versions of the CDs, and nothing about them is any different from the individual CD releases, including the misspelling of "Carepenters" on the Carpenters disc itself. The three original liner notes booklets from the individual CDs are also included within the box, and they are the only liner notes present.

This is a fantastic collection for those who do not already have the individual CDs, because these three albums are truly the pinnacle of the "Carpenters" sound and contain the vast majority of their biggest hits. The cover art is nice, too.

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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