Compact Disc Collection (1989)

12-CD set containing the full albums:
Ticket to Ride
Close to You
A Song for You
Now & Then
A Kind of Hush
Made In America
Voice of the Heart
Christmas Portrait: The Special Edition

UK CD release

This is the first full-scale collection of all the Carpenters albums. 12 CDs are contained in a book-like case, where each disc fits into a slot in a page, four discs to a "page." The liner notes contain information about each album, along with photographs. The sets are limited-edition and individually numbered.

These are the 1980s versions of the CDs; the CD of Carpenters has some remixes rather than original vinyl mixes. A Song for You has the single version of "Top of the World" rather than the album version. And the Christmas Portrait CD is the "Special Edition" combination of the two original albums, omitting a number of tracks from each album.

All in all, this is a nice package, but there's nothing special or unique about it. It's just all the 1980s CDs in one place.

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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