Interpretations (1994)

1. Without a Song
2. Superstar
3. Rainy Days and Mondays
4. Ticket to Ride *
5. Reason to Believe
6. Close to You
7. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
8. Little Girl Blue
9. Bless the Beasts and Children
10. Please Mr. Postman *
11. We've Only Just Begun
12. When I Fall In Love
13. From This Moment On

* These tracks on Japanese version only

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Worldwide video, Japanese LaserDisc, U.S., Japanese and Brazilian DVD release

This is a different collection of videos, even though many of the titles are the same as on Yesterday Once More. The Japanese version contains two more videos than the US release, but those two songs ("Ticket to Ride" and "Please Mr. Postman") are the two previously-released videos on the collection. All the other videos are either new or different from the videos on Yesterday Once More. Several videos here were taken from the Carpenters' television specials, including "Without a Song," "Calling Occupants," "Little Girl Blue" and "When I Fall In Love." "From This Moment On" was taped for the Music Music Music special, but not used in the special, and is presented for the first time ever on this collection.

The U.S. DVD of Interpretations is finally available, so now viewers in the States get a cheap alternative to those pricey imports.

The Japanese DVD of Interpretations is identical to the LaserDisc version. There is no bonus material on the DVD, unfortunately, and the videos are exactly the same. Also unfortunate is the fact that the Japanese version of the DVD is available for region 2 only, meaning DVD players outside Japan will NOT play this DVD (unless you have a multi-region DVD player like I do!).

Produced by Paul Surratt and Fred Paskiewicz

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