Lee Denson a.k.a. Jesse James: The South's Gonna Rise Again (2001)

Richard and Karen Carpenter are listed as appearing on two tracks:

Track 18: Mississippi Bridge
Track 19: Sixteen States

German CD release

This is a very unusual addition to the Carpenters' catalog -- it's the only known commercially-released appearance by Karen Carpenter as a backing vocalist on someone else's recording. Actually, both Richard and Karen are listed as backing vocalists on these two tracks.

In listening to these songs, I can't identify either Richard or Karen's voice, but the backing vocals sound like they're being sung by several people, so it's possible Richard and Karen are in there singing. These two songs were recorded in Joe Osborne's garage studio in 1965 and released as a single on his Magic Lamp record label, so it falls into the right time period to have Richard and Karen's participation.

Lee Denson is a rockabilly singer who supposedly taught Elvis Presley how to play the guitar. This release is a compilation of songs he recorded for different record labels between 1956 and 1965, under the names Lee Denson and Jesse James. Recommended only to fans of rockabilly and to the most die-hard of Carpenters fans...

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