Lunch (1994)

1. Lunch - Michael Rupert
2. He'll Never Know - Pamela Myers
3. I Never Danced With You - Laurie Beechman
4. Requiem for a Lightweight - Brian Mitchell, Diane Delano and Mark Morales
5. A Man Like Me - Michael Rupert and Barney Martin
6. Skyline - Brian Mitchell, Kim Carnes and B.J. Thomas
7. Time Stands Still - Davis Gaines
8. I'm No Angel - Faith Prince
9. Why Fall At All - Melissa Manchester
10. Perfectly Alone - Carol Burnett
11. Lunch Concerto - Richard Carpenter *

All songs written by Steve Dorff and John Bettis

* arranged by Richard Carpenter

U.S. CD release

This is a studio cast recording of a musical written by Richard's old pal John Bettis and songwriter Steve Dorff (who had previously collaborated on songs for artists like Billy Dean and George Strait, and who together wrote the theme song for the TV show Growing Pains.

Richard doesn't actually perform any of the songs from the musical; rather, he composed an instrumental piece based on the melodies of a number of songs from the show. He plays the piano on this track, in which he's backed by a full orchestra.

The "Lunch Concerto" is a nice piece, but not the most exciting project he has undertaken, because the piece ends up sounding like a track from his second solo album. As far as I know, this is the only solo Richard Carpenter performance to appear on any album outside of one his own albums.

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