B. L. Mitchell: Where I Want to Be (1978)

"Where I Want to Be" is a single that was produced by Richard Carpenter in 1978, with Karen Carpenter as associate producer. The singer, B. L. (Bob) Mitchell, was a new artist who was being "sponsored" by Karen and Richard, according to a Carpenters Fan Club newsletter. A full album was to be produced, but apparently only the single ever saw release.

The song "Where I Want to Be" is archetypally Carpenters. It could have fit right in on Passage, with elements of "I Just Fall In Love Again," and a big splashy orchestral/choral ending like on "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft." The orchestration is by Peter Knight. The b-side of the single is "Venus," but unfortunately I only have a promo copy of the single with stereo and mono versions of "Where I Want to Be," so I don't know anything about "Venus."

B. L. Mitchell has a very good voice, and it's too bad the album never materialized. More unfortunate is that there isn't a version of this song with Karen singing -- it would have been perfect for her.

If anyone has any more information about this song and singer, I'd love to know.

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