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This page contains Richard and Karen Carpenter's "non-Carpenters" projects (excluding their own solo albums). On many of these, Richard has acted as the producer of the album, as well as occasional songwriter, musician, background vocalist, arranger, etc. One of these even uncovers a very rare early backing-vocals appearance!

Click on an album cover to see a larger picture of the album cover, a complete track listing, and information about Richard's participation in that album.

Richard and Karen's Other Projects

Neil Sedaka: Overnight Success/The Hungry Years (1975)

B. L. Mitchell: Where I Want to Be (1978)

Smokey Robinson: Smoke Signals (1986)

Scott Grimes (1989)

Akiko (1989)

Veronique (1989)

Lunch (The Studio Recording) (1994)

Seiko Matsuda: Love - 20th Anniversary Best Selection (2000)

Petula Clark: A Sign of the Times (2001)

Paul Williams: Back to Love Again (2001)

Lee Denson: The South's Gonna Rise Again (2001)

Petula Clark: The Ultimate Collection (2002)

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