Carpenters Perform Carpenter (2003)

1. Top of the World (1973 version, 1991 remix)
2. Maybe It's You (1990 remix)
3. Crystal Lullaby (1987 remix)
4. I Need to Be In Love (1991 remix)
5. Sandy
6. Mr. Guder (1990 remix)
7. All of My Life (1987 remix)
8. Yesterday Once More (1985 remix)
9. One Love (1994 remix)
10. Those Good Old Dreams
11. Because We Are In Love
12. Only Yesterday
13. Eve (1987 remix)
14. At the End of a Song
15. Goodbye to Love (1985 remix)
16. Look to Your Dreams
17. Karen's Theme
18. Merry Christmas, Darling (bonus track)

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This is a compilation of Carpenters songs composed by Richard Carpenter. It's sort of the opposite of Interpretations, which was a collection of Carpenters' songs written by other people. This compilation spans their entire A&M recording career, incorporating songs from every album released between 1969 and 1983 except Passage (which contained no original Richard Carpenter compositions).

It's a pretty even mix of singles and non-singles, although only a few of the singles represented here were big hits. The inclusion of "Karen's Theme" is the only oddity here -- it's the only tune on the album not performed by the Carpenters (since it was performed by Richard as a solo artist).

There are no new remixes here. Everything here has been issued on previous compilations (except "At the End of a Song," which I do not believe has appeared on a compilation before, only on the Voice of the Heart CD).

Produced by Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter and Jack Daugherty

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