Petula Clark: A Sign of the Times (2001)

1. A Sign of the Times
2. I'm Not Afraid
3. At Last (with Lou Rawls)
4. Downtown
5. I Dreamed a Dream
6. Don't Give Up
7. I Need to Be In Love (with Richard Carpenter)
8. The Wedding Song (There is Love)
9. With One Look
10. Celebrate
11. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love (with Richard Carpenter and Lou Rawls)
12. Here for You
13. Look For the Silver Lining
14. Vivre

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A Sign of the Times is a live concert which was recorded for PBS. Richard's contribution to this concert is fairly minimal; he plays piano on "I Need to Be In Love" and sings along (inaudibly) on "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love." (Apparently at the actual concert Richard's contributions were significantly greater, but much of his part of the concert was edited out for the CD and DVD.)

Petula Clark was a huge champion of the Carpenters throughout their career, from the very beginning to the very end. This appearance with Richard triggered several new studio recordings, one of which was included on a career retrospective CD, and at least one more which will appear on Richard Carpenter's new Christmas album.

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