Transmissions (2008)

1. Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays/Goodbye to Love (live)
2. Top of the World (live)
3. Help (live)
4. Mr. Guder (live)
5. (They Long to Be) Close to You (live)
6. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (live)
7. Yesterday Once More (live)
8. Oldies Medley (live)
Da Doo Ron Ron
Leader of the Pack
Johnny Angel
Book of Love
Johnny B. Goode
9. Sing (live)
10. Sometimes (live)
11. We've Only Just Begun (live)
12. For All We Know (live)

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UK CD release

At first glance, this looks just like Live In Japan. Track-wise, it is the same setlist. But it's a different recording - this is the audio from the Live at Budokan concert video, not the Live in Japan concert. Both were recorded during the same tour in 1974, but they are different concerts. The biggest difference between the two is the length of the oldies medley; the medley here is less than half the length of the version included on Live In Japan.

The audio quality of this CD is quite good, although it is a monophonic track that has been artificially enhanced to simulate stereo. Performance-wise, this concert is a little less polished than the Live In Japan concert, but very close.

In addition to the audio of the concert, there are three "video" tracks included, for "Clost to You," "Jambalaya" and "Yesterday Once More." These are just the video from Live at Budokan, and they are playable on a computer.

The CD package comes with a 72-page book containing a fairly extensive biography of the Carpenters written by John Tobler. There are a lot of concert photos included in the book, along with some rarely-published publicity photos.

This is not a legitimate release, having been released on the Storming Music Company label. There is actually a disclaimer on the back of the package saying this: "This CD and book set is unauthorized and is not associated or approved in any way by the Carpenters or his [sic] past or present management."

The copyright date on the package says 2005, but it was released in 2008. I guess there was a holdup in the distribution process somewhere...

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