Veronique (1989)

1. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
2. House of Love
3. Just Another Dream
4. All My Tomorrows
5. I Want to Get Close to You
6. One of Us
7. A Touch of Paradise
8. Falling in Line
9. What Kind of Love?
10. Angel in My Eyes
11. All Those Years Ago *

Album produced by Richard Carpenter

All songs arranged by Richard Carpenter and Laythan Armor, except * arranged by Richard Carpenter

* written by Richard Carpenter and Pamela Phillips Oland

Canadian CD release

Veronique is sort of half-way between Scott Grimes and Akiko. It is less "Carpenters"-sounding than Akiko (both in production style and vocal sound), but it isn't quite as ambitious in its "pop" styling as Scott Grimes.

Canadian singer Veronique Beliveau does not sound like Karen. She has a fairly unique sound, actually; the closest pop singer I can think of to compare her voice to is Sheena Easton. However, like Akiko, English is not her first language, although her French accent isn't nearly as heavy as Akiko's Japanese accent.

There are very few ballads on this album. Most of the songs are up-tempo, very pop-oriented. Unfortunately, many of the songs are also rather forgettable. The song I find most interesting is "One of Us," a cover of the ABBA song -- I'm just fascinated by Richard's take on an ABBA song. There is a lot of vocal layering here, and overall it's a much more interesting song than most of the others on the CD.

Most Carpenters-like on this album is the final track, "All Those Years Ago" (which is the only song on the album written by Richard). Complete with an oboe solo by Earle Dumler, this song could have fit right in on a late Carpenters album:

"Like a morning star, we ran out of time
Never meant to shine forever
What the future held I'll never know"

"All Those Years Ago" turned up as an instrumental on Richard's second solo album, and has subsequently been re-made by Petula Clark (with Richard).

This CD was only released in Canada, and it has been out-of-print for years now, making it is quite scarce,.

There was also a promotional CD single released in 1990 for "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"

1. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (English Rap)
2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (LP Version)
3. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (French Rap)
4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Percuss A Pella)

These are basically remixes of the album track, with additional production (drum programming and additional keyboards) and some variations in the spoken part of the song before the final chorus (done entirely in English in one version and entirely in French in the other). The "Percuss A Pella" mix is interesting in that it removes all keyboards, which allows the listener to hear the backing vocals better (meaning Richard's voice is more easily heard in this version).

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