Darden Smith: After All This Time: The Best of Darden Smith (2009)

1. Two Dollar Novels
2. Driving Rain
3. Midnight Train
4. Frankie & Sue
5. Reminds Me (A Little of You)
6. Loving Arms
7. Levee Song
8. Little Victories
9. Broken Branches
10. Perfect Moment
11. After All This Time
12. Shooting Star
13. Make Love So Hard
14. Field of Crows
15. Sierra Diablo
16. Dyin' to Be Born Again (with the Harlem Parlour Music Club)

Album produced by Darden Smith

Darden's first "best of" collection is really more of a retrospective of his career than a collection of "hits." This album contains songs from every studio album Darden has released to date, from his first album in 1986 to his (then-unreleased) 2010 album Marathon.

One track here is taken from an album by another artist; the final track, "Dyin' to be Born Again," is from the album Salt of the Earth by the Harlem Parlour Music Club, released in 2009. Darden wrote this track and sings lead on it.

This album appears not to be available at online retailers like Amazon.com. It can most likely be purchased through Darden Smith's official website.

All songs written by Darden Smith, except:
"Reminds Me (A Little of You)," written by Darden Smith and Boo Hewerdine
"Levee Song," written by Darden Smith and Chip Taylor
"After All This Time," written by Darden Smith and Rick Neigher
"Shooting Star," written by Darden Smith< Michael Ramos and Abra Moore
"Make Love So Hard," written by Darden Smith and Kim Richey

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