Comprehensive Darden Smith Discography

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Albums by Darden Smith:

Native Soil (1986)
Redi Mix Records, RM 001 (1986)
Watermelon Records, CD 1009 (1992)
(This album was originally released on LP with ten tracks. The CD release in 1992 contained a previously unreleased bonus track from the original recording sessions. Unfortunately, this album appears to be out-of-print now, although sites such as and sometimes list used copies for sale.)

Darden Smith (1988)
CBS/Epic Records, EK 40938
(This album is back in print! It's available from all the major online CD retailers, or possibly a store near you.)

Evidence (1989)
Ensign/Chrysalis Records, F2 21726 (1989)
Compass Records, 7 4232 2 (1996)
(This album is a collaboration between Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith. The original version from 1989 went out-of-print a few years later, and the re-released version contains a previously unreleased bonus track from the original recording sessions.)

Trouble No More (1990)
CBS/Columbia Records, CK 45289
(As with Native Soil, this CD appears to have gone out-of-print.)

Little Victories (1993)
Sony Music/Chaos Records, OK 48528

Deep Fantastic Blue (1996)
Plump Records, 6905-2

Extra Extra (2000)
Valley Entertainment, 15118

Sunflower (2002)
Dualtone Music Group

Circo (2004)
Dualtone Music Group, 80302-01156-2

Field of Crows (2005)
Dualtone Music Group, 80302-01212-2

Ojo (2007)
Deep South Digital

After All This Time: The Best of Darden Smtih (2009)
Darden Music

Marathon (2010)
Darden Music

Promo items with non-album material:

Live Tracks: Darden Smith (1988)
CBS/Epic Records, EAS 1282
(This is a 12" single with three live tracks: "God's Will," "Talk to Me" and "Johnny B. Goode")

Midnight Train (1991)
Sony Music/Columbia Records, CSK 3034
(This is a radio show, called Interchords. Darden is interviewed by Boo Hewerdine, and both perform live in the studio.)

Hitchhiker Radio Saga 3 (1991)
Sony Music/Columbia Records, ASK 3033
(This is an interview & music program which features an interview with Darden and excerpts from Trouble No More.)

Loving Arms (1993)
Sony Music/Chaos Records, OSK 5083

Little Victories (1993)
Sony Music/Chaos Records, OSK 77204

Four Songs Live (1993)
Sony Music/Chaos Records, OSK 5421
(This is a CD containing four songs recorded for The Columbia Records Radio Hour on 7/11/93.)

Broken Branches (1996)
Plump Records, 7902-2
(This promo CD single contains the album version of the song "Broken Branches," plus a live recording of a spoken introduction to the song, in which Darden explains how he got the inspiration for the song.)

CD singles and various-artist compilations with non-album material:

Kerrville Folk Festival Live Highlights 1986
Kerrville Music Foundation
(This limited-edition release contains a live recording of "Little Maggie." It is also found on Kerrville's 10-CD limited edition (400 copies made) Ten Great Years, a compilation of highlights from 1982-1991.)

All I Want (Is Everything) 12" single (1990)
Chrysalis, ENYX 625
(The 12-inch single for "All I Want (Is Everything)," released in England, contains the original demo recording of "All I Want (Is Everything)" -- the CD single and the 7" single do not.)

Hitchhiker Exampler (1990)
CBS/Columbia Records, CK 46036
(This is a record-label sampler promoting several Columbia Records artists. It came out before Trouble No More, when Darden was working with a different producer and the working title of the album was Frankie & Sue. The song is a studio track called "Never Let a Day Go By," which didn't survive the change in producers and was left off the final album.)

Across the Great Divide: Songs of Jo Carol Pierce (1992)
Dejadisc, DJD 3203
(This is a tribute album to Austin songwriter Jo Carol Pierce, with studio performances by many local artists. Darden sings "Scratch Upon Her Windowpane.")

"Loving Arms" (1993)
Sony Music/Columbia Records, 660114 2
(This European CD single contains a radio edit of "Loving Arms," a previously unreleased studio demo of Darden and Boo Hewerdine singing "Worry For You," and live recordings of "Dream's a Dream" and "Days on End," recorded at the Tin Angel, Philadelphia, on 10/28/93.)

"Dream's a Dream" (1993)
Sony Music/Columbia Records, 659854
(This European CD single contains a radio edit of "Dream's a Dream," and album versions of "Days on End" and "Dream's a Dream.")

KGSR Broadcasts, Vol. 1 (1993)
(This is a CD from Austin radio station KGSR, with a live recording of "Trouble No More.")

KMMT On the Mountain (1994)
KMMT CD 0194
(This is a CD from Seattle radio station KMMT, with a live in-studio performance of "Little Victories.")

KLBJ Local Licks Live 1994
(This is a CD from Austin radio station KLBJ, with a live in-studio performance of "Dream's a Dream.")

Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 1 (1994)
Sony Music/Columbia Records, CK 66466
(This is a compilation of live recordings from various Columbia Records Radio Hour broadcasts. Darden sings "Levee Song" with Zev Katz on bass.)

KBAC Santa Fe: Live from Studio 2, Volume 1 (1999)
(This is a compilation of live in-studio performances from radio statio KBAC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Darden sings "Broken Branches.")

Acoustic Cafe Storytellers Series Vol. 1 (2000)
Vibe Productions
(This is an obscure release containing a live acoustic performance of "Satellite" by Darden, recorded as part of a concert series at Rehearsal Studios in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1999. It was available directly from Vibe Producstions as a CD-R, but their website seems to have disappeared...)

Damn It's Early (2001)
(This is a compilation of live in-studio performances from radio statio KLBJ-FM in Austin, recorded on the Dudley & Bob Show. Darden sings two different versions of "Stronger," one solo and one with the group Strings Attached.)

Various Artists -- Today's Christmas (2004)
Sony Music, CK 72897
(This 3-CD Christmas compilation from Sony Music contains an original Darden Smith song called "Christmas in September," which is apparently a recording from Sony's vaults dating to 1990, from the Trouble No More era.)

Various Artists - The Best of Times: Texas Artists Perform the Music of Sara Hickman (2011)
(This is a 2-disc set of Texas artists performing the songs of Sara Hickman. Darden sings one song here, "No Name for Love.")

Various Artists - Faces of Freedom (2011)
(A digital-only EP of songs written by wounded veterans. Darden sings one song here, "Scars.")

Original Darden songs which Darden has not recorded, recorded by other artists:

"September Rose," performed by Boo Hewerdine and Neill MacColl on the various-artist compilation All Through the Year (1992)
Green Linnet Records, GLCD 3069
(This song was co-written by Darden and Boo Hewerdine.)

Other miscellaneous Darden info:

Darden wrote the music for a 1991 ballet called Nine Chains to the Moon. This was instrumental music, played by Darden at the premiere on a keyboard.

The song "Love is a Strange Hotel" has been recorded by Gregson & Collister on their album Love is a Strange Hotel, 1990.

There are "official" videos for the songs "Day After Tomorrow," "All I Want (Is Everything)," "Midnight Train" and "Loving Arms." There could be more, but I haven't seen them.

Darden has appeared on The Tonight Show, singing "Loving Arms," on 9/23/93. He has appeared on Austin City Limits twice, once in the late '80s and once on 3/26/94.

Short Boo Hewerdine Discography

with The Bible:
Walking the Ghost Back Home (1986)
Eureka (1988)
The Bible (1989)
Random Acts of Kindness (1995)
Dodo (1999)

Ignorance (1992)
Baptist Hospital (1995)
Thanksgiving (1998)
A Live One (2002)
Anon (2002)
Live at the Cornish Arms (2002)
Harmonograph (2006)
Toy Box #1 (2008)
Toy Box #2 (2008)
God Bless the Pretty Things (2009)

some random CD singles with bonus tracks:
"History" plus Three with bonus tracks "Little Bits of Zero", "Colour me Gone" and "Talk me Down"
"59yds" with bonus tracks "The Ghost of Summer Walking" and "16 Miles (version 2)"
"World's End" with bonus tracks "One Sad Cowboy" and "Another Mess of Blues"
"Joke" CD1 with bonus tracks "Black Cat," "Auctioneers" and "Firedogs"
"Joke" CD2 with bonus tracks "First Day in Hell," "Buzz Aldrin" and "I Miss You/Sha La La"
Extras (4-track CD/EP of demos for Anon)
Ontario (4-track CD/EP of outtakes from the Harmonograph sessions)

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