Darden Smith: Marathon (2010)

1. Marathon
2. Sierra Diablo
3. Bull By the Horns
4. Vertigo
5. Don't It Go to Show
6. Make It Back to You
7. Mortal Coil
8. Marathon Sky
9. Truth of the Rooster
10. That Water
11. Over My Beating Heart
12. Escalator
13. 75 Miles of Nothing
14. Tinaja
15. No One Gets Out of Here

Album produced by Darden Smith

Darden's first album of new studio material in five years, this album is described on his website as being "Smith's most ambitious album to date, an expansive song cycle that brings to life the stark, spacious mood of the American West."

This album is an independent release on Darden's own label. It is available as a limited-edition CD (from Darden Smith's official website), and also as an MP3 download.

All songs written by Darden Smith

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In 2011, a special expanded edition of the album was released as a digital download accompanying a book of photographs. Available through Darden's official website, the expanded edition contained the complete original album's track listing, and six bonus tracks:

1. Bull by the Horns (live)
2. Escalator (live)
3. Marathon Sky (solo piano version)
4. Sierra Diable (live)
5. Truth of the Rooster (live)
6. Vertigo (solo piano version)

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