Darden Smith: Ojo (2007)

1. Satellite
2. Stronger
3. Daydream
4. Skin
5. Two Dollar Novels
6. Little Maggie
7. Night Riders Lament
8. Chatter and Roll
9. That Water
10. What Are We Gonna Do
11. Days on End/Waiting in Vain
12. Perfect Moment
13 Swept Away
14. Trouble No More
15. All Around You

Album produced by Darden Smith

Ojo is a live album, recorded in New Mexico in 2006. It is a solo acoustic performance in front of a very small audience. The CD is a limited-edition release, but the entire album is available for download at several popular music downloading sites, including iTunes and Amazon.com.

All songs written by Darden Smith, except:
"Night Riders Lament," written by Mike Burton
"What Are We Gonna Do," written by Darden Smith and John Scott Sherrill
"Waiting In Vain," written by Bob Marley
"All Around You," written by Darden Smith and Gary Nicholson

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