Executive Portraits

An executive portrait is much more than just a headshot; it's an attempt to capture the personality and work environment of the subject. By using locations with some connection to you, as well as doing a variety of poses in different settings, we get a much more interesting and personal portrait as a result.

Our fee for an executive portrait is $150 an hour for the photography, and $100 an hour for consultation. The consultation is a necessary part of the process because it helps us get to know you and lets us choose locations which will both show part of your personality and will be suitable for photographic purposes.

There are many uses for executive portraits. Some of our clients have used different photographs from executive portrait sessions as photos for a magazine article, when a photo is needed for the cover and different photos are needed to illustrate the accompanying article. Clients have also used photographs on their brochures or web sites, so that there is a variety of illustrations. Variety of images is one of the main advantages of executive portraiture.

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