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These are collections which consist primarily of previously-released material. While there may be new or unreleased tracks on some of these, most of songs on these albums can be found on MCC's other albums.

This page last updated on 7/15/2010

Mary Chapin Carpenter Collection (1996)
Sony Music Special
Products, A 28084
1. Down at the Twist and Shout
2. This Is Love
3. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
4. When She's Gone
5. Only a Dream
6. This Shirt
7. Shut Up and Kiss Me

This CD was available exclusively at Target Stores, apparently as a promotion for the upcoming release of A Place in the World in 1996.
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Songs of Mary Chapin Carpenter (1997)
Why Walk Music, MCC 001
01. Why Walk When You Can Fly
(single version)
02. Stones in the Road
03. I Take My Chances
04. I Feel Lucky
05. The Hard Way
06. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
07. Come On Come On
08. Where Time Stands Still
09. I Am a Town
10. What You Didn't Say
11. This Shirt
12. What If We Went to Italy
13. Shut Up and Kiss Me
14. Down at the Twist and Shout
15. Tender When I Want to Be
16. The Better to Dream of You
17. A Place in the World
18. Let Me Into Your Heart
19. Sudden Gift of Fate
This is a promotional disc put out by MCC's publishing company, Why Walk Music. Generally, this type of disc is used to offer songs for use in films and television programs. The liner notes include a fairly thorough discography and information about licensing the songs.

Of note about this compilation is the fact that "Why Walk When You Can Fly" is presented here in its single version, with a different musical introduction than the solo piano version available on Stones in the Road.

This CD does not appear for sale at Amazon

Party Doll and Other Favorites (1999)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CK 68751
01. Can't Take Love For Granted
(from "The Late Show With David Letterman," live, London, England, May 1995) +
02. Wherever You Are *
03. Down At The Twist And Shout
(with Beausoleil, live, Super Bowl XXXI, January 1997, The Super Dome, New Orleans, Louisiana) +
04. I Feel Lucky
05. Dreamland
06. Passionate Kisses
07. Quittin' Time (live, Ryman
Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, acoustic version) +
08. This Shirt
09. Grow Old With Me
10. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
11. I Take My Chances (Live, Madison,
WI) +
12. Shut Up And Kiss Me
13. The Hard Way (Live, Wolf Trap) +
14. 10,000 Miles *
15. Stones In The Road (Live, Her
Majesty's Theatre, London) ^
16. Almost Home *
17. Party Doll *
* Previously unreleased studio recording
+ Previously unreleased live recording
^ Previously unavailable in the U.S.
This album hardly qualifies as a compilation, simply due to the fact that 10 of the 17 tracks had never been released before. But it is a "best of" compilation, nonetheless.

Of the previously-released material, the album includes five songs taken from MCC's albums, and two songs from various-artist compilations ("Dreamland" and "Grow Old With Me").

Of the unreleased material, one song is from a movie ("10,000 Miles" from the movie Fly Away Home, which did not have a soundtrack album), and three other songs are new studio recordings ("Wherever You Are," "Almost Home" and "Party Doll"). The remaining live recordings are all previously unreleased, with the exception of "Stones in the Road" which was avilable on a British CD single.

There is a children's book based on the song "Dreamland," using Mary Chapin Carpenter's text and illustrations by Julia Noonan.

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The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter (2002)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CK 90772
01. Stones In The Road
02. The Long Way Home
03. Shut Up And Kiss Me
04. I Take My Chances
05. I Feel Lucky
06. Almost Home
07. Halley Came To Jackson
08. I Am A Town
09. Quittin' Time
10. Down At The Twist And Shout
11. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
12. Only A Dream
13. Late For Your Life
14. The Hard Way
15. Passionate Kisses
16. 10,000 Miles
This is a more straightforward collection of "hits" than Party Doll and Other Favorites, since this collection only contains the original studio versions of the songs, without any live recordings or new versions. While it's missing a couple of classics (such as "The Moon and St. Christopher" and "John Doe No. 24"), it is actually a very good representation of her best songs.

Hometown Girl and A Place in the World are the only albums not represented in this collection.

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Super Hits (2007)
Sony/BMG Special Markets
01. Downtown Train
02. Just Because
03. This Shirt
04. Never Had It So Good
05. Passionate Kisses
06. The Bug
07. Why Walk When You Can Fly
08. Shut Up and Kiss Me
09. A Road Is Just a Road
10. Simple Life
This is a budget-priced compilation that isn't exactly a collection of "hits," but it does span quite a few different albums. Having very little overlap with The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter," it would make a nice companion to the collection of a new fan who doesn't have all the albums yet.

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Playlist: The Very Best of Mary Chapin Carpenter (2008)
Sony/BMG Special Markets
01. Stones In the Road
02. Shut Up and Kiss Me
03. I Take My Chances
04. I Feel Lucky
05. Halley Came to Jackson
06. I Am a Town
07. Quittin' Time
08. Down at the Twist and Shout
09. He Thinks He'll Keep Her
10. Only a Dream
11. The Hard Way
12. Passionate Kisses
13. Late for Your Life
14. 10,000 Miles
This is another budget-priced compilation with a track list identical to The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter, but without two of the songs. Nothing special about this compilation at all.

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