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Promotional items are generally CDs or records intended for radio play. These can be full-length radio programs, or special radio versions of individual songs. While this page does not contain every promotional item of interest by Mary Chapin Carpenter, it contains many of the significant ones.

Note that most of these items are not available for sale through online retailers. Your best luck for finding these items is through eBay.

This page last updated on 7/17/2008

Hitchhiker College Radio Hour (1989)
CBS Records, ASK 1598
MCC Tracks:

Interview featuring
"Never Had It So Good"
"This Shirt"
and an excerpt from
"Read My Lips"

This is a one-hour radio special featuring new music from "progressive country" artists like MCC, Darden Smith, Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash. MCC's segment is about eight-and-a-half minutes long and features interview segments along with album tracks. Rosanne Cash is the host for the program.

Hitchhiker College Radio Saga 3 (1991)
Columbia Records,
ASK 3033
MCC Tracks:

Dialogue featuring
"Down at the Twist and Shout"
and excepts from
"The More Things Change"
"When She's Gone"
"Can't Take Love for Granted"

This is another one-hour radio special, similar to the previous one, only segments of this one are also hosted by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Other artists include Darden Smith, Rosanne Cash, Shawn Colvin, Rodney Crowell and others.

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On Location: Conversation and Music by Mary Chapin Carpenter (1992)
CMT/Ron Huntsman
Entertainment Marketing

1. Segment A:
Program Introduction
Relationships, Early Songwriting
Making of State of the Heart
2. Segment B:
On Location, Pleasures of Process
Pressures of Success
Impact of Videos on Music
3. Segment C:
Songwriting, Don Schlitz
Schlitz on Carpenter
Making of Come On Come On
Segment D:
Joe Diffy
Carpenter on Diffy
Philosophy of Life
5. Music Beds for Promos
6. Program Promos and Liners
7. CMA Project Literacy PSA

This is a one-hour radio special containing interviews and music, released in conjunction with Come On Come On in 1992. The songs are all album versions of the tracks.

Passionate Kisses (CD single) (1992)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 4916

Passionate Kisses (edited version)

This is a promo CD single sent to radio stations, containing the same edited version of the song as on the 45 rpm single.

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Stones in the Road: Music and Conversation (1994)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 6571

1. Intro to "Why Walk When You Can
2. Intro to "Keeper for Every Flame" or
"This Is Love"
3. Intro to "John Doe No. 24"
4. Intro to "Shut Up and Kiss Me"
5. Intro to "Tender When I Want to Be"
6. Intro to "House of Cards"
7. Radio Show Segment 1
"Where Time Stands Still"
8. Radio Show Segment 2
"Shut Up and Kiss Me"
"John Doe No. 24"
9. Radio Show Segment 3
"This Is Love"
"Tender When I Want to Be"
"House of Cards"
Radio Show Segment 4
"Keeper for Every Flame"

This is another one-hour radio special with interviews and album tracks, but in addition to the radio special, MCC also gives short spoken introductions to several of the songs from Stones in the Road, which were intended to be used before those songs were played on the radio.

Why Walk When You Can Fly (CD single) (1995)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 77955

Why Walk When You Can Fly (single

This is the same single version of the song as was released on the 45 rpm single.

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Let Me Into Your Heart (1996)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 78417

1. Let Me Into Your Heart (single
2. Let Me Into Your Heart (album

This is similar to the commercially-released single for "Let Me Into Your Heart," but it doesn't contain the bonus track, and it comes in a jewel case with cover art.

Party Doll and Other Favorites: The Sampler (1999)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 41999

1. Almost Home (single version)
2. Down at the Twist and Shout (live at
the Superbowl, 1997)
3. I Take My Chances (live at the
Barrymore Theatre, 1998)
4. Quittin' Time (live at the Ryman
Auditorium, 1994)

This four-track promo sampler contains two things that are different from the album - "Almost Home" is the shorter single version of the song (almost a minute shorter), and "Quittin' Time" clocks in at about 20 seconds longer than the album version (it appears to be just additional applause from the audience at the end).

Wherever You Are (CD single) (1999)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 42652

1. Wherever You Are (single edit)

This is a promo single for one of the "new" tracks on Party Doll and Other Favorites. The song is edited to be about half a minute shorter than the album version.

Time* Sex* Love* Open-Ended Interview (2001)
Sony Music/Columbia
Records, CSK 32448

1. Album Title
2. Album Theme
3. Discuss "Whenever You're Ready"
4. The Making of Time* Sex* Love*
5. Mental Preparation
6. Sir George Martin
7. Recording in London
8. Airplay & Charts
9. Discuss "This Is Me Leaving You"
10. Discuss "Simple Life"
11. Discuss "Late for Your Life"
12. Writing
13. Mood of Creativity
14. Co-Producer and Collaborator John
15. Song Development
16. Live Audiences
17. Vietnam Veterans of America
Another radio show containing interviews - only this time there is no "interviewer," there are only answers by Mary Chapin Carpenter. The local DJ was supposed to ask the questions, and then play the answer from the CD, to make it sound like MCC was in the studio with them.

Come Darkness, Come Light: A Mary Chapin Carpenter Radio Special (2008)
Zo‘ Records,

1. Part One
2. Part Two

This hour-long radio special is hosted by Mary Sue Twohy, and it was produced by Sirius X.M. Satellite Radio. The program consists of an interview with Mary Chapin Carpenter about the album, interspersed with songs from the album.

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