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This page last updated on 6/15/2004

Unauthorized CD releases

These are CDs that were manufactured without the authorization of Nanci or her record companies. They are real, silver-pressed CDs, not CD-Rs.

Love Affairs in a Foreign Town (1994)
Monada/OSA, NCI 016
1. Lone Star State of Mind
2. Banks of the Ponchartrain
3. I Knew Love
4. Looking for the Time (Working Girl)
5. Once in a Very Blue Moon
6. Ballad of Robin Winter-Smith
7. Listen to the Radio
8. Outbound Plane
9. There's a Light Beyond These
Woods (Mary Margaret)
10. Love Wore a Halo (Back
Before the War)
11. From a Distance
12. Ford Econoline

This was originally a Westwood One radio broadcast, recorded in London during the Little Love Affairs tour in 1988. The CD was made from a well-worn LP (Westwood One sent its concerts out to network stations on LPs in those days) and contains noticeable surface noise. Otherwise it's a great show!

Sound of Loneliness (1995)
Kiss the Stone, KTS 410
1. From a Distance
2. Say It Isn't So
3. Always Will
4. Across the Great Divide
5. Trouble In the Fields
6. Don't Forget About Me
7. Southbound Train
8. Time of Inconvenience
9. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
10. Tecumseh Valley
11. Are You Tired of Me My Darlin'
12. Going Back to Georgia
13. This Heart
14. It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go

This was originally a BBC radio broadcast, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London during the Flyer tour on October 11, 1994. The quality of this CD is quite good.

Revisited (1999)
Damian Music,
01. Late Night Grande Hotel - Original
02. St. Teresa - Original Mix
03. Gulf Coast Highway - Original Mix
04. Late Night Grande Hotel - Gomi's
Radio Mix
05. Late Night Grande Hotel - Roy
Rede's Piano and Bassoon Mix
06. St. Teresa - Cyphonix Mix
07. Gulf Coast Highway - Baroque
String Mix
08. Late Night Grande Hotel - Boy
Wunder's Extended Mix
09. St. Teresa - Extended Mix
10. Late Night Grande Hotel - Boy
Wunder's Radio Edit
11. Late Night Grande Hotel - Boy
Wunder's Twilo Dub Mix
12. Late Night Grande Hotel - Gomi's
Extended Arena Mix

This CD has not *officially* been released, although it was shipped to stores in late 1999 and many copies of it were sold. It is a dance remix collection of only three songs: "Late Night Grande Hotel," "St. Teresa" and "Gulf Coast Highway" -- truly strange!

This project was undertaken by a couple of DJ's who were given access to the original multi-track tapes. They had permission to create the remixes, but Nanci and her management wanted final approval over the project upon its completion. When it was completed, Nanci and her management decided that they did not want it released -- but thousands of copies had already been pressed and shipped to stores. Stores were instructed to return all copies, but a lot of them slipped out and ended up on the market. So it is an "unauthorized" release...

Spoken-Word CD releases

Nanci does not sing, but rather reads on these releases.

The Chieftans: The Authorized Biography (1999)
The Publishing Mills, 90010

This is an abridgment of the book by John Glatt. It is a 4-CD set, and Nanci is the official "narrator," reading the text of the book. However, Nanci is only part of the story here; there are songs by the Chieftans as well as interviews with members of the band and other musicians.

Original Nanci songs which Nanci has not recorded, recorded by other artists:

Jeanie Stahl - All Grown Up (1987)
Daring Records, 1010
Nanci wrote the song:

Simple Life
This is a very typical Nanci song, copyrighted in 1986, and released on this 1987 album. Out-of-print for a number of years, it has now been released on CD and is available from Rounder Records.

Miscellaneous other songs:

Wedding Day (2001)
James Hooker
Duet with James Hooker, available for download:

Wedding Day
This is a duet from James Hooker with Nanci. The copyright date on it is 2001, but I'm not sure when this studio track was recorded. It can currently be downloaded from James' new website. James has a bunch of his own songs available for downloading on this website, and he says he'll be adding more. You can find his website at: James Hooker -

Big Blue Ball of War (2003)
Available for download:

Big Blue Ball of War
This is a 2003 studio recording from Nanci that can be downloaded from her website,

You can find it in the news archive (go to the "news" page and then click on "news archives"), and it was a news item on 3/17/03.

Change the World (2003)
Energy Star
TV and radio commercial:

Change the World
This song is used in a TV commercial for Energy Star. There are two versions floating around out there, a 30-second spot and a 60-second spot. I believe this is an Eric Clapton song. For a time it was available for download at the Energy Star website, but I believe it is no longer there:

Unreleased songs

Songs known to have been written by Nanci, but not recorded or released

Dates are approximate

"Cold Heart and a Closed Mind" (1982,
much different, earlier version)
"Tappan Zee" (1983)
"Roll You Colorado" (1985)
"On Down the Road" (1985, probably a
very early working of "Listen to the Radio")
"Toronto Rain" (1985)
"Quiet Manhattan Snow" (1985)
"Down of a Feathered Heart" (1987)
"Hearts in Motion" (1993)
These are songs which Nanci has performed in concert but that have never released in any way.

If you know of anything that I'm missing from this list, please e-mail me! Please include as much information as possible (artist name, album title, catalog number, year of release, song titles, etc. Thanks!

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