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These are promotional releases which contain material which is not found on any of Nanci's other releases, or which are significant in length or packaging.

This page last updated on 7/27/2010

Nanci Griffith: Words and Music (1989)
MCA Records
1. It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
2. Interview Segment
3. Drive-In Movies and Dashboard
4. Interview Segment
5. Storms
6. Interview Segment
7. Reprise and Interview

This was a cassette-only release accompanying the release of the album Storms. The interview segments are fairly brief, but it's an interesting item.

"Storms" promo EP (1989)
MCA Records, CD45-18092
1. Storms
2. Wooden Heart
3. Deadwood, South Dakota (live)
4. There's a Light Beyond These
Woods (Mary Margaret) (live)

This CD single contains a variety of material from different sources: "Storms" from the Storms album, "Wooden Heart" from The Last Temptation of Elvis collection, "Deadwood, South Dakota (live)" from the One Fair Summer Evening album, and "There's a Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret) (live)" from the video version of One Fair Summer Evening. This last track is not available on any other CD.

A Portrait of an Artist (1991)
MCA Records, CD33-1693
01. Late Night Grande Hotel
02. It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
03. Love at the Five and Dime (live)
04. From a Distance
05. Gulf Coast Hightway (duet with
Mac MacAnally)
06. I Wish It Would Rain
07. Deadwood, South Dakota (live)
08. Trouble In the Fields
09. Drive-In Movies and Dashboard
10. I Don't Wanna Talk About Love
11. There's a Light Beyond These
Woods (Mary Margaret) (1987 studio version)
12. Heaven

This promo is Nanci's first "best-of" collection for MCA Records. It came out at the time of the release of Late Night Grande Hotel. All the tracks here are available on Nanci's MCA albums, but it's a nice collection.

Present Echoes (1993)
Elektra, PRCD 8711-2
01. Do Re Mi - Woody Guthrie
02. Do Re Mi - Nanci Griffith
03. Boots of Spanish Leather -
Bob Dylan
04. Boots of Spanish Leather -
Nanci Griffith
05. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness -
John Prine
06. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness -
Nanci Griffith
07. Tecumseh Valley - Townes Van
08. Tecumseh Valley - Nanci Griffith
09. Across the Great Divide - Kate Wolf
10. Across the Great Divide - Nanci
11. Wimoweh - The Weavers
12. Wimoweh - Nanci Griffith

This promo came out when Other Voices Other Rooms was released. It contains six songs from the album, along with the original versions which inspired Nanci to record them. It also contains cards with photos of each of the artists, including Nanci.

It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go (live CD single) (1993)
Elektra, PRCD 8863-2
It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go (live)

This is a live version of "Hard Life" taken from the video Other Voices Other Rooms, recorded live in Austin, Texas in 1993.

Flyer (advance promo copy) (1995)
Elektra, PRO 61681-2
Contains different mixes of:

On Grafton Street
This Heart

Normally an advance promo copy of a CD is just a regular copy of the CD sent out a couple of weeks before the official release date, but Elektra Records sends out advance promo copies that don't have the final album artwork. In the case of Flyer, the advance promo CD also contained different mixes of two songs: "On Grafton Street" and "This Heart." "On Grafton Street" is missing The Chieftans, making it sort of a Blue Moon Orchestra solo version. "This Heart" is a different mix, probably a version of the song preceding the remix by Larry Mullen on the final album.

Time of Inconvenience/Interview (1995)
Elektra, PRCD 9417-2
Disc 1:
1. Time of Inconvenience (edit)
2. Time of Invonvenience (album version)

Disc 2:
1. Interview

This 2-CD promo contains a disc with two versions of "Time of Inconvenience" and a second disc containing a 9 1/2 minute interview with Nanci by John Conlon of WRLT, Nashville.

AAA Radio Live Sampler (1995)
Elektra, PRCD 9170-2
FB 901
1. These Days in an Open Book (live)
2. Things We Said Today (live)
3. It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
4. This Heart (live)
These are all live recordings, recorded in concert at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in L.A. on 11/17/94. This is a VERY rare promo item.

Everything's Comin' Up Roses (promo CD single) (1994)
Elektra, PRCD 9777-2
1. Everything's Comin' Up Roses (edit)
2. Everything's Comin' Up Roses (album
Contains an edit that is about 15 seconds shorter than the original album version of the song.

Other Voices, Present Echoes (1998)
Elektra, PRCD 1134-2
01. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
- Sandy Denny
02. Deportee - Cisco Houston
03. Desperadoes Waiting for a Train -
Guy Clark
04. Yarrington Town - Mickie Merkens
05. If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer
Song) - The Weavers
06. Canadian Whiskey - Tom Russell
07. He Was a Friend of Mine - Dave
Van Ronk
Contains the complete Other Voices, Too CD, plus a second disc with the original versions of these seven songs that inspired Nanci.

Wall of Death/Audio Bio (1998)
Elektra, PRCD 1638
9 26016-2
1. Wall of Death
2. Audio bio
Contains the album version of "Wall of Death," and a brief (1:24) audio biography of Nanci Griffith, read by an unnamed male narrator.

Where Would I Be (promo CD single) (2001)
Elektra, PRCD 1638
1. Where Would I Be (radio edit)
2. Where Would I Be (album version)
The radio edit is about a minute shorter than the album version of the song.

Goodnight, New York (promo CD single) (2003)
Rounder Records
Goodnight, New York (radio edit)
The radio edit of this live track has had the applause edited out at the end.

In Touch With Todd Snider's The Devil You Know (2006)
New Door Records
Nanci sings harmony for Todd
Snider on:
Looking for a Job
You Got Away With It

Nanci sings lead vocals, accompanied
by Todd Snider, on:
It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
This promo CD was issued in conjunction with Todd Snider's 2006 release The Devil You Know. It's a radio interview conducted by Nanci, and Todd Snider plays and sings live in the studio, accompanied by Nanci.

While this was released to radio stations, it was also briefly commercially available as a bonus disc accompanying the album at Best Buy stores.

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